Colourful, delicious and fun! Pick your drink!
Grilled Salmon and cherry tomatoes on a bed of corns and beetroot sauce.As tasty as it is picturesque!
Best cocktails in town? We think so!
Every bite a sensation! Grilled chicken, mango chutney and spicy chipotle sauce.
Beef rib by the Luna Park anyone?
Let your hair down this Friday with a few of our special martinis 🙌🙌
Making scrambled eggs exciting again! Spicy yoghurt, chunky avocado, tomato salsa and poached eggs!
Corn & Zucchini fritters, the perfect breakfast dish!
Juicy chicken breast grilled to perfection!
Beef rib on a bed of mash potato. The perfect dish for any meal!
Cocktails are best enjoyed when they're shared with a special person!
Here at The Dorchester we only settle for the best!